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Should I Replace My Brake Pads When Replacing My Brake Discs?


We are often asked why brake discs cannot be replaced without replacing the pads at the same time. It's a good question, as it is possible to replace the brake pads on its own (provided the discs are in good condition).

There are a few reasons why we recommend replacing the brake pads when having a brake disc replacement done. The first, is that if you don't, your brand new discs will wear unevenly and can get damaged. Your old brake pads will have developed a surface profile (or wear pattern) that will correspond to the vehicle's old brake discs. It is likely that the pads will not be perfectly flat therefore, and putting them on the new discs will mean the profile of the pads will essentially ‘eat’ its way into your nice new discs. The result? Your brand new discs will wear unevenly and damage may occur (in some cases it might even lead to an MOT failure).

Apart from that, it is good to consider that brake pads will usually be way cheaper than discs anyway and will only add a little more to the overall repair bill. You'll get better braking performance in return and avoid another brake repair in a short space of time. Just remember, whilst you may save on parts when not replacing the pads when replacing your discs, you also save on safety. Which is not be something you should be doing, just remember, you could be putting your own safety and that of your passengers at risk.

That's why brake pads are fitted as standard when booking a brake discs replacement.

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