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How To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Car Brakes

Working brakes are essential to keeping safe on the road, and could even be the difference between life and death. It's impossible to make your brakes last forever, most brakes will lose their effectiveness after 25,000 miles. However, it's possible to extend this lifespan by adapting your driving style to reduce the strain on your brakes.

Smooth driving

Driving your car smoothly can have a big impact on how long your brakes will last. Everytime you brake your brakes will wear down a bit. It is therefore important to ensure that you only apply your brakes if you really need to. This may sound self-evident, but there will be times where really you could just let your car roll to a stop, instead of braking. Further to that remember that driving a car is all about anticipating what could happen next.

Braking technique

When slowing for a junction or at traffic lights, it's better for your brakes that you come to a complete stop, instead of allowing the car to creep forward. The constant friction means that you're engaging the brakes for longer, and this causes them to wear out more quickly.

Though it may sounds obvious, ensure that you’re never accelerating and braking at the same time, not only will it wear your brakes out, but also your tyres. So leave left foot braking to the Formula 1 drivers!

Removing weight & planning your route

In addition to changing your driving habits, you can also extend your brake's lifespan by removing weight from your car. Ensure that you leave any unnecessary luggage (and passengers!) at home and you'll reduce friction for your car's brakes. You can also reduce wear and tear by planning routes that have less congestion and fewer junctions. The less you use the brakes, the slower they will wear out.

Not only will these tips help you to increase your brake's longevity, they'll also improve your fuel efficiency, meaning you'll be saving your hard-earned pounds! To keep your brakes in top condition, you'll need to get them maintained regularly and ensure the fluid level remains topped up.

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